Understanding How Envoy Sidecar Intercept and Route Traffic in Istio Service Mesh

This article uses Istio’s official bookinfo example to explain how Envoy performs routing forwarding after the traffic entering the Pod and forwarded to Envoy sidecar by iptables, detailing the inbound and outbound processing. For a detailed analysis of traffic interception, see Understanding Envoy Sidecar Proxy Injection and Traffic Interception in Istio Service Mesh . NOTE: This blog is mostly translated with Google Translate, you can forward to read the original [Read More]


Kubernetes service存在的意义仅剩下做服务发现

本文介绍了 Istio 和 Kubernetes 中的一些服务和流量的抽象模型。虽然 Istio 一开始确定的抽象模型与对接的底层平台无关,但目前来看基本绑定 Kubernetes,本文仅以 Kubernetes 说明。另外在 ServiceMesher 社区中最近有很多关于 Istio、Envoy、Kubernetes 之中的服务模型关系的讨论,本文作为一个开篇说明,Kubernetes 和 Isito 之间有哪些共有的服务模型,Istio 在 Kubernetes 的服务模型之上又增加了什么。