Jimmy Song’s profile.

Jimmy Song(宋净超) is a developer advocate at Tetrate , CNCF Ambassador, and founder of Cloud Native Community . He is an outstanding blogger and author of cloud native technical blog. Former cloud native advocate and head of OSS office at Ant Group. Early adopters and evangelists of Kubernetes and Istio. Previously, he worked at iFlytek , TalkingData, and Ant Group . He is living in Beijing, China.


Jimmy Song has published several books since 2017. See the book page for details.



Focused domains

He mainly focuses on cloud native fields, including containers, microservices, service mesh, serverless and other technologies, and is keen to participate in open source software and open source communities.


Jimmy Song is the founder of ServiceMesher and Cloud Native Community (China) , China open source pioneer 2021 .

ServiceMesher Community

ServiceMesher community by a group with the same values and ideals of volunteers co-sponsored, was established in April 2018. The mission of the ServiceMesher community is to disseminate Service Mesh technology, build an open source culture, strengthen industry communication, and promote the landing of Service Mesh in the enterprise.

Cloud Native Community

Cloud Native Community was founded on May 12, 2020, by Jimmy and his friends. It is an open source community with technology and passion. It was founded spontaneously by industry elites who love open source and uphold the principle of ‘consensus, co-governance, co-construction and sharing.’ The aim of the community is connection, neutral, and open source. We are based in China, facing the world, enterprise neutrality, focusing on open source, and giving feedback to open source.