Istio in Action

Authored by Christian Posta and Rinor Maloku.

Editor’s Recommendation

  1. The authors of this book are global experts in service mesh technology, providing comprehensive and detailed content.
  2. The translators of this book are technical experts from the domestic cloud-native community, striving to convey the content accurately and providing localization for difficult-to-understand concepts.
  3. The book covers comprehensive content, including the latest versions and core concepts of Istio, with rich and complete example codes.

Istio in Action (Chinese edition)


As a representative product of service mesh technology, Istio has matured over the years and is increasingly favored by developers. This book focuses on Istio service mesh, covering basic concepts, core features, operations, and enterprise-level implementations. From basic installation and deployment to practical functions, from analyzing underlying principles to troubleshooting, and from advanced operations to enterprise-level practices, it provides a comprehensive introduction to various aspects of Istio service mesh.

This book is suitable for developers, operations engineers, architects, and other practitioners in the cloud-native field who are currently using or interested in Istio. Whether you are a beginner in service mesh technology or an expert in the field, you can find theoretical insights and practical guidance in this book.

About the Authors

Christian Posta is the Chief Technology Officer for Global Field at He is well-known in the cloud-native community as an author, blogger, speaker, and contributor to various open-source projects in the service mesh and cloud-native ecosystem. With experience working in both traditional enterprises and large internet companies, Christian now helps organizations create and deploy large-scale, cloud-native, resilient distributed architectures. He specializes in guiding, training, and leading teams to success in distributed systems concepts, microservices, DevOps, and cloud-native application design.

Rinor Maloku is an engineer at, providing consulting services to clients adopting application networking solutions such as service mesh. Previously, he worked at Red Hat, where he developed middleware software that enabled development teams to ensure the high availability of their services. As a freelancer, he has served several DAX 30 members to fully leverage the potential of cloud computing technologies.

About the Translators

Ma Ruofei works as Chief Engineer at FreeWheel Beijing R&D Center, primarily responsible for microservices architecture design and cloud-native landing work. He is the author of “Istio Practical Guide,” columnist for GeekTime’s “Service Mesh in Action,” and the main author of “Cloud-Native Application Architecture: Best Practices for Microservices Development.” He is also an IT professional book expert consultant for People’s Posts and Telecommunications Press, as well as a member of the ServiceMesher technical community and the Cloud Native Community management committee. He has published and translated numerous articles on cutting-edge technologies in the cloud-native field and is passionate about technology sharing.

Song Jingchao (Jimmy Song) is a Developer Advocate at Tetrate, the founder of the cloud-native community, and the former Developer Advocate and Open Source Manager at Ant Group. He is also a published author and independent writer. He is an early adopter and promoter of open-source technologies such as Kubernetes and Istio. He has authored books such as “Future Architecture: From Service to Cloud-Native” and “Understanding Istio: Advanced Practical Guide to Cloud-Native Service Mesh” and has participated in the translation of many works.

Luo Guangming is an architect at ByteDance’s Service Framework Team, a member and Beijing stationmaster of the Cloud Native Community management committee. He has previously worked on cloud-native, microservices, and open-source-related projects at Ericsson and Baidu before joining ByteDance, where he is responsible for open-source projects related to microservices like CloudWeGo. He has been focusing on cutting-edge technologies, architectural evolution, and standardization processes in the cloud-native and microservices fields for a long time.

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