Quarkus in Action

Authored by Alex Soto Bueno and Jason Porter.

Translator’s Foreword

“Quarkus in Action: Java Solutions Optimized for Kubernetes” is authored by Alex Soto Bueno and Jason Porter, translated by Zhang Xiaoyu, Liu Yan, and Song Jingchao, and published by Machinery Industry Press in March 2021.

Quarkus Cookbook in Action

Quarkus is a new technology framework that differs from traditional Java architectures. It builds upon familiar technology stacks, utilizing mature technologies such as JPA, JAX-RS, Eclipse Vert.x, Eclipse MicroProfile, and CDI, tightly integrated with Kubernetes. Users can leverage Kubernetes’ efficient scheduling and operational capabilities to maximize resource savings.

The spark of cloud-native technology, ignited by the popularity of the Kubernetes community, has grown into a raging fire. Cloud-native-related technologies are emerging like mushrooms after the rain. Liu Yan, Song Jingchao, and I are all members of the cloud-native community and enthusiasts who love to promote various related technologies. One of our common interests is to keep an eye on the release of excellent books on foreign or mature technologies in this field.

In this process, we coincidentally discovered this book, which had not been translated in China yet. With great enthusiasm, we embarked on the journey of studying Quarkus.

This book portrays the technical aspects of Quarkus in a detailed and thorough manner by presenting questions, proposing solutions, and sparking discussions. Through this book, users can self-learn relevant content and improve the efficiency of Java-related development work with Quarkus, enabling them to stand firm in the fast-paced fields of microservice construction and cloud-based application development.

Throughout the entire translation process, we received full support from HuaZhong Publishing House and Editor Li Zhongming, for which we express our heartfelt gratitude.

Finally, thank you all for having the opportunity to read this book. We hope that our efforts can help you, who advocate for cloud-native technology, enjoy the same joy as us on the technical path of Quarkus.

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