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  • ArchSummit Beijing 2017 speech preview

I will give a lecture at ArchSummit Beijing. From Kubernetes to Cloud Native, my path to cloud native applications.

  • December 7, 2017

In 2017, we are facing a big era of architectural changes, such as Kubernetes ending the battle for container orchestration, Kafka release 1.0, serverless gradually gaining momentum, edge computing to replace cloud computing, Service Mesh ready to go, and artificial intelligence to empower business , Also brings new challenges to the architecture.

I am about to participate in InfoQ’s ArchSummit Global Architects Summit on December 8-11 in Beijing . This conference also invited 100+ top technologists such as Dr. Ali Wangjian to share and summarize the architectural changes and reflections this year. I hope that you can build on this conference, summarize past practices, and look forward to a future-oriented architecture to transform this era of change into the common fortune of each of us.

My speech

The content of my speech is from Kubernetes to Cloud Native-the road to cloud native applications . Link: From Kubernetes to Cloud Native-the road to cloud native applications . The time is Saturday, December 9, 9:30 am, in the fifth meeting room.

After more than ten years of development of cloud computing, the new phase of cloud native has entered. Enterprise applications are preferentially deployed in cloud environments. How to adapt to the cloud native tide, use containers and Kubernetes to build cloud native platforms, and practice DevOps concepts and agility How IT, open source software, and the community can help IT transform, the solution to all these problems is the PaaS platform, which is self-evident to the enterprise.

We also prepared gifts for everyone: “Cloud Native Go-Building Cloud Native Web Applications Based on Go and React” and “Intelligent Data Era-Enterprise Big Data Strategy and Practice” There is also a book stand for the blog post of the Electronic Industry Press. Welcome to visit.

ArchSummit conference official website link: http://bj2017.archsummit.com/

For more details, please refer to the official website of the conference: http://bj2017.archsummit.com/

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