Establishment of the Cloud Native Community

Today the Community Steering Committee announced the official formation of the Cloud Native Community.

At the beginning of 2020, due to the outbreak of the Crona-19 pandemic, employees around the world began to work at home. Though the distance between people grew farer, there was a group of people, who were us working in the cloud native area, gathered together for a common vision. During the past three months, we have set up the community management committee and used our spare time working together to complete the preparatory work for the community. Today we are here to announce the establishment of the Cloud Native Community.


Software is eating the world. —— Marc Andreessen

This sentence has been quoted countless times, and with the rise of Cloud Native, we’d like to talk about “Cloud Native is eating the software.” As more and more enterprises migrate their services to the cloud, the original development mode of enterprises cannot adapt to the application scenarios in the cloud, and it is being reshaped to conform to the cloud native standard.

So what is cloud native? Cloud native is a collection of best practices in architecture, r&d process and team culture to support faster innovation, superior user experience, stable and reliable user service and efficient r&d. The relationship between the open source community and the cloud native is inseparable. It is the existence of the open source community, especially the end user community, that greatly promotes the continuous evolution of cloud native technologies represented by container, service mesh and microservices.

CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) holds Cloud Native conference every year in the international community, which has a wide audience and great influence. But it was not held in China for the first time until 2018, after several successful international events. However, there are no independent foundations or neutral open source communities in China. In recent years, many cloud native enthusiasts in China have set up many communication groups and held many meetups, which are very popular. Many excellent open source projects have emerged in the cloud native field, but there is no organized neutral community for overall management. Under this background, the Cloud Native Community emerges at the right moment.


Cloud Native Community is an open source community with technology, temperature and passion. It was founded spontaneously by a group of industry elites who love open source and uphold the principle of consensus, co-governance, co-construction and sharing. The aim of the community is: connection, neutral, open source. We are based in China, facing the world, enterprise neutrality, focusing on open source, and giving feedback to open source.

Introduction for the Steering Community: .

You will gain the followings after joining the community:

  • Knowledge and news closer to the source
  • A more valuable network
  • More professional and characteristic consultation
  • Opportunities to get closer to opinion leaders
  • Faster and more efficient personal growth
  • More knowledge sharing and exposure opportunities
  • More industry talent to be found


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