A one-stop cloud native library that is a compendium of published materials.

  • May 10, 2022

See the cloud native public library at: https://lib.jimmysong.io/

The cloud native public library project is a documentation project built using the Wowchemy theme, open sourced on GitHub .

I have also adjusted the home page, menu and directory structure of the site, and the books section of the site will be maintained using the new theme.

Cloud native library positioning

The cloud native public library is a collection of cloud native related books and materials published and translated by the author since 2017, and is a compendium and supplement to the dozen or so books already published. The original materials will continue to be published in the form of GitBooks, and the essence and related content will be sorted into the cloud native public library through this project.

In addition, the events section of this site has been revamped and moved to a new page .

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