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  • Recommend an open source website comment box tool

Github-based gitment is highly recommended.

  • September 24, 2017

A website review plugin gitment is highly recommended . This plugin does not require server-side interaction. Use GitHub Issue to store comment content, and you can directly introduce JS code into your blog. Installation Procedure Reference to increase your static blog message system .

I use hugo to generate static websites, which is also supported.

Previously used the Friends of speech , say , more than now said to have hung up, the official website http://duoshuo.com can not be opened, the Friends of the word service is not stable, gitment simply use my gospel GitHub Pages and other users. 🙏 Imsun classmate again .

If you want to try out gitment comments, hurry up and comment!

PS. The comment function of each article needs to be turned on by myself, and the comments are archived under Issue .

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