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  • Envoy's latest official document translation work started

The SerivceMesher community is involved in translating the official documentation for the latest version of Envoy.

  • May 16, 2018

Envoy is an open source L7 proxy and communication bus written in C ++ by Lyft. It is currently an open source project under CNCF . The code is hosted on GitHub. It is also the default data plane in the Istio service mesh. We found that it has very good performance, and there are also continuous open source projects based on Envoy, such as Ambassador , Gloo, etc. At present, the official documentation of Envoy has not been well finished, so we Service Service enthusiasts feel that they are launching the community The power of the co-translation of the latest (version 1.7) official documentation of Enovy and organization through GitHub.

Service Mesh enthusiasts have jointly translated the latest version of the official document of Envoy . The translated code is hosted at https://github.com/servicemesher/envoy . If you are also a Service Mesh enthusiast, you can join the SerivceMesher GitHub organization and participate together.

The official Envoy document excludes all articles in the two directories of the v1 API reference and the v2 API reference. There are more than 120 documents. The length of the documents varies. The original English official documents use the RST format. I manually converted them into Markdown format and compiled using Gitbook. A GitHub Issue was generated according to the path of the document relative to the home directory. Friends who want to participate in translation can contact me to join the ServiceMesher organization, and then select the article you want to translate in Issue , and then reply “Claim”.

Here you can see all the contributors. In the future, we will also create a Service Mesh enthusiast website. The website uses static pages. All code will be hosted on Github. Welcome everyone to participate.

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