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  • Chinese version of the latest official document of Envoy released

Translated by ServiceMesher community.

  • May 30, 2018

Envoy-Designed for cloud-native applications, open source edge and service proxy, Istio Service Mesh default data plane, Chinese version of the latest official document, dedicated by the ServiceMesher community, welcome everyone to learn and share together.

This is the first time Community Service Mesh enthusiasts group activities, the document is based on Envoy latest (version 1.7) Official documents https://www.envoyproxy.io/docs/envoy/latest/ . A total of 120 articles with 26 participants took 13 days and 65,148 Chinese characters.

Visit online address: http://www.servicemesher.com/envoy/

Note : This book does not include the v1 API reference and v2 API reference sections in the official documentation. Any links to API references in the book will jump directly to the official page.


See the contributor page: https://github.com/servicemesher/envoy/graphs/contributors

Thanks to the above contributors for their efforts! Because the level of translators is limited, there are inevitably inadequacies in the text. I also ask readers to correct them. Also welcome more friends to join our GitHub organization: https://github.com/servicemesher

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