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  • Chinese version of Google Engineering Practice Documents

Translated from Google's open source documentation on Github

  • September 17, 2019

A few days ago during the Mid-Autumn Festival, I translated Google's Engineering Practices documentation , which is open source on Github. The original document Github address: https://github.com/google/eng-practices , the main content so far is summarized by Google How to conduct a Code Review guide, based on the title of the original Github repository, we will add more Google engineering practices in the future.

The translation uses the same style and directory structure as the original document. In fact, if the original text has international requirements, it can be directly incorporated, but according to the translation suggestions submitted by several previous people, the author of this project does not recommend translation. The first is translation. The documents may be unmaintained, and the accuracy of the documents cannot be guaranteed.

For suggestions on Chinese integration, see:

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