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To further popularize Istio and Service Mesh technology, donate this book to the community for co-authoring.

  • March 10, 2019

Istio handbook was originally an open source e-book I created (see https://jimmysong.io/istio-handbook ). It has been written for 8 months before donating to the ServiceMesher community. In order to further popularize Istio and Service Mesh technology, this book Donate to the community for co-authoring. The content of the original book was migrated to https://github.com/servicemesher/istio-handbook on March 10, 2019. The original book will no longer be updated.

Conceptual picture of this book, cover photo of Shanghai Jing'an Temple at night , photo by Jimmy Song .

The publishing copyright of this book belongs to the blog post of Electronic Industry Press. Please do not print and distribute it without authorization.

Istio is a service mesh framework jointly developed by Google, IBM, Lyft, etc., and began to enter the public vision in early 2017. As an important infrastructure layer that inherits Kubernetes and connects to the serverless architecture in the cloud-native era, Istio is of crucial importance important. The ServiceMesher community, as one of the earliest open source communities in China that is researching and promoting Service Mesh technology, decided to integrate community resources and co-author an open source e-book for readers.

About this book

This book originates from the rootsongjc / istio-handbook and the Istio knowledge map created by the ServiceMesher community .

This book is based on Istio 1.0+ and includes, but is not limited to , topics in the Istio Knowledge Graph .

Participate in the book

Please refer to the writing guidelines of this book and join the Slack channel discussion after joining the ServiceMesher community .

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