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  • Kubecon&CloudNativeCon Seattle 2018

KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Seattle 2018 Data Sharing.

  • December 16, 2018

KubeCon & CloudNative in North America is the most worthy cloud-native event every year. This time it will be held in Seattle for four days, from December 10th to 13th, refer to the official website of the conference . This year, 8,000 people participated. You should notice that Kubernetes has become more and more low-level. Cloud-native application developers do not need to pay much attention to it. Major companies are publishing their own cloud-native technology stack layouts, including IBM, VMware, SAP, Startups around this ecosystem are still emerging. The PPT sharing address of the local conference: https://github.com/warmchang/KubeCon-North-America-2018 , thank you William Zhang for finishing and sharing the slides of this conference .

Seattle scene

Janet Kuo from Google describes the path to cloud-native technology adoption.

The same event of KubeCon & CloudNativeCon, the scene of the first EnvoyCon.

At KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Seattle, various directors, directors, directors, VPs, and Gartner analysts from IBM, Google, Mastercard, VMware, and Gartner are conducting live discussions on the topic of Scaling with Service Mesh and Istio. Why do we talk about Istio when we talk about Service Mesh? What is not suitable for Istio use case. . .

The PPT contains basic introduction, getting started, a total of more than 200 Deep Dive as well as practical application, we recommend you according to the General Assembly's official website to choose topics of interest to look at the schedule, otherwise I might see, however.

A little impression

KubeCon & CloudNativeCon is held three times a year, Europe, China and North America. China is the first time this year, and it will be held in Shanghai in November. It is said that it will be held in June next year. Although everyone said that Kubernetes has become boring, the conference about Kubernetes There is still a lot of content, and the use of CRD to extend Kubernetes usage is increasing. Service Mesh has begun to become hot. As can be seen from the live pictures above, there are a large number of participants on the site and related topics are also increasing. It is known as a microservice in the post-Kubernetes era . This must be It will be an important development direction of cloud native after Kubernetes, and the ServiceMesher community pays close attention to it.

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