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  • Kubernetes Handbook v1.4 is released

This is an obituary post-Kubernetes era. Kubernetes handbook by Jimmy Song v1.4 is released. The next focus of cloud native is Service Mesh!

  • September 4, 2018

This is a postscript from the post- Kubernetes era. Just this evening I saw a post by Bilgin Ibryam Microservices in a Post-Kuberentes Era .

On April 9, 2017, the Kubernetes Handbook-Kubernetes Chinese Guide / Cloud Native Application Architecture Practice Manual was first submitted. In the past 16 months, 53 contributors participated, 1,088 commits, and a total of 23,9014 Chinese characters were written. At the same time , thousands of enthusiasts have gathered in the Kubernetes & Cloud Native combat group .

It has been more than 4 months since the previous version was released. During this period, Kubernetes and Prometheus graduated from CNCF respectively and have matured commercially. These two projects have basically taken shape and will not change much in the future. Kubernetes was originally developed for container orchestration. In order to solve the problem of microservice deployment, Kubernetes has gained popularity. The current microservices have gradually entered the post-Kubernetes era . Service Mesh and cloud native redefine microservices and distributed applications.

When this version was released, the PDF size was 108M with a total of 239,014 Chinese characters. It is recommended to browse online , or clone the project and install the Gitbook command to compile it yourself.

This version has the following improvements:

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In this book, there are more practical tutorials. In order to better understand the principles of Kubernetes, I recommend studying ** In- depth analysis of Kubernetes by Zhang Lei, produced by Geek Time **.

Thank you Kubernetes for your support of this book. Thank you Contributors . In the months before this version was released, the ServiceMesher community was co-founded . As a force in the post-Kubernetes era , welcome to contact me to join the community and create cloud native New era .

At present , the WeChat group of the ServiceMesher community also has thousands of members. The Kubernete Handbook will continue, but Service Mesh is already a rising star. With Kubernetes in mind, welcome to join the ServiceMesher community and follow us. The public account of the community (also the one I manage).

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