Cloud Native and me - the past, current and future

Since I became a CNCF Ambassador

Cloud Native and me - the past, current and future

Since I became a CNCF Ambassador

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Today I am honored to announce that I have become a CNCF Ambassador. Here is my story with Cloud Native.


The first time to attend the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is at the LC3 in Beijing 2017. I attended the meeting again this year, and in November of this year, CNCF will hold the KubeCon & CloudNativeCon for the first time in Shanghai, China. I’ll be there too.

LC3 Beijing 2017

LC3 Beijing 2017

LC3 Beijing

LC3 Beijing 2018

Cloud Native Books

My origins with the Cloud Native is originated from Kevin Hoffman’s book Cloud Native Go. I translated this book at the end of 2016. Since then, in China, the translation of the word Cloud Native has not been determined, we introduced it with 云原生 to China.

Cloud Native Go 宋净超 Kevin Hoffman…

And then I begin to write the kubernetes-handbook on GitHub. So far, it has more than 2000 stars. This book has written more than 200,000 Chinese characters, the first commit happened on April 14, 2017.

Kubernetes Handbook GitHub

Kubernetes handbook 宋净超

Kubernetes Handbook by Jimmy Song and his friends

Since the the book Cloud Native Go completed, the publisher recommended another Cloud Native book to me - Cloud Native Python by Manish Sethi.

Cloud Native Python 宋净超

And the book Cloud Native Java by Josh Long and Kenny Bastani.

Cloud Native Java 宋净超

In March 2018, with the hope that Bring the world equal opportunities and Building a Financial Cloud Native Infrastructure, I joined the Ant Financial.

ServiceMesher Community

By the time of May 2018, I start to organize the ServiceMesher community.

ServiceMesher logo

In the last few months, we work with other open source communities in China, such as k8smeetup, Sharding-Sphere, Apache SkyWalking. Our community has grown to have 1,700 members and two round meetups in Hangzhou and Beijing till now.

More than 300 people participated in the scene and more than 20,000 people watched it live by IT大咖说


Service Mesh Meetup Hangzhou June 30, 2018

Service Mesh Meetup

Service Mesh Meetup Beijing July 29, 2018

Service Mesh fans

Service Mesh fans


Here are some hopes of mine:

  • Open source culture become popular in China
  • More and more people would like to be involved in open source projects
  • Host one open source project into the CNCF
  • A book related to Cloud Native or Service Mesh
  • Strengthen cultural exchanges between China and the global

Finally, welcome to China for traveling or share your topic with us on Cloud Native, and in the mean while we will share our experience on large scale web apps to the world. Hope to hear your voice!

宋净超 Kubernetes 云原生 Jimmy Song

500 Words | Read in about 1 Min
Tags: cloud native