Jimmy Song(宋净超) is a Developer Advocate working at Ant Financial(蚂蚁金服), also a Gopher, open source enthusiast, Kubernetes, Hugo fans. He operates another two website about Big Data(https://dataikudss.com) and Cloud Native(https://cloudnativego.com) at the same time. This is his own blog, all opinions by himself. If you do not see him in front of the computer, he must be traveling or taking pictures outside, visit his amazing pictures at tuchong(图虫). Feel free to follow him on twitter or keep touch with him in wechat(微信), his wechat account is jimmysong. He has kept writing free and open-sourced kubernetes-handbook and hugo-handbook for the users who speak Chinese. Sometimes he will share opinions or best practice on the conference, meetup or workshop, see more at his schedule.


回顾历史 多少次我回过头看看走过的路,你还在小村旁。 去年基于docker1.11对Hadoop yarn进行了docker化改造,详情请看大数据 [Read More]


如今,软件通常会作为一种服务来交付,它们被称为网络应用程序,或软件即服务(SaaS)。12-Factor 为构建如下的 SaaS 应用提供了方法论: 使用 [Read More]