Jimmy Song(宋净超) is a software engineer working at TalkingData, also a Gopher, open source enthusiast and Big Data, Cloud Native sermonizer in China. If you not see him in front of computer, he must be traveling or taking pictures outside, visit his amazing pictures at tuchong. Feel free to follow him on twitter or keep touch with him in 微信(Wechat), his wechat account is jimmysong.


1. GitHub中同步远程分支 查看本地已有分支 git remote -v 增加远程分支 git remote add upstream https://github.com/k8smeetup/kubernetes.github.io.git git fetch upstream git checkout master git merge upstream/master 2. 更新Git代码并对比 git remote -v git fetch origin master git log -p master.. origin/master git merge [Read More]


Secret 对象类型用来保存敏感信息,例如密码、OAuth 令牌和 ssh key。将这些信息放在 secret 中比放在 pod 的定义中或者 docker 镜像中来说更加安全和灵活。参阅 Secret 设计 [Read More]