Istio 流量管理的基本概念详解

以 Bookinfo 为例详解其如何作用于 Kubernetes 中的 Pod

本文是对 Istio 中流量管理的基本概念的解析,并以 Istio 官方文档中的部署在 Kubernetes 上的 bookinfo 示例服务来说明 Istio 流量管理的基本概念及其如何作用于 Kubernetes 中的 Pod,更多高级功能和配置请参考 Istio 官方文档。关于 Istio 如何实现流量管理的详细实现机制请参考赵化冰写的 Istio 流量管理实现机制深度解析。

Cloud Native and me - the past, current and future

Since I became a CNCF Ambassador

Today I am honored to announce that I have become a CNCF Ambassador. Here is my story with Cloud Native. Origin The first time to attend the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is at the LC3 in Beijing 2017. I attended the meeting again this year, and in November of this year, CNCF will hold the KubeCon & CloudNativeCon for the first time in Shanghai, China. I’ll be there too. LC3 [Read More]