Cloud Native and me - the past, current and future

Since I became a CNCF Ambassador

Today I am honored to announce that I have become a CNCF Ambassador. Here is my story with Cloud Native. Origin The first time to attend the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is at the LC3 in Beijing 2017. I attended the meeting again this year, and in November of this year, CNCF will hold the KubeCon & CloudNativeCon for the first time in Shanghai, China. I’ll be there too. LC3 [Read More]

Introducing SOFAMesh - A Solution for Large Scale Service Mesh based on Istio

Open sourced by Ant Financial

SOFAMesh is a solution for large-scale Service Mesh based on Istio open-sourced by Ant Financial. At the same time it is also a part of SOFA(Scalable Open Financial Architecture) which is open sourced by Ant Financial too. On the basis of inheriting the powerful functions and rich features of Istio, in order to meet the performance requirements under large-scale deployment and to deal with the actual situation in the practice, the following improvements have been made: [Read More]