Understanding How Envoy Sidecar Intercept and Route Traffic in Istio Service Mesh

This article uses Istio’s official bookinfo example to explain how Envoy performs routing forwarding after the traffic entering the Pod and forwarded to Envoy sidecar by iptables, detailing the inbound and outbound processing. For a detailed analysis of traffic interception, see Understanding Envoy Sidecar Proxy Injection and Traffic Interception in Istio Service Mesh . NOTE: This blog is mostly translated with Google Translate, you can forward to read the original [Read More]

Istio 流量管理的基本概念详解

以 Bookinfo 为例详解其如何作用于 Kubernetes 中的 Pod

本文是对 Istio 中流量管理的基本概念的解析,并以 Istio 官方文档中的部署在 Kubernetes 上的 bookinfo 示例服务来说明 Istio 流量管理的基本概念及其如何作用于 Kubernetes 中的 Pod,更多高级功能和配置请参考 Istio 官方文档。关于 Istio 如何实现流量管理的详细实现机制请参考赵化冰写的 Istio 流量管理实现机制深度解析。