New Beginning - Goodbye Ant, Hello Tetrate

Today is my last day at Ant and tomorrow I’m starting a new career at Tetrate.

Today is my 914th day and also the last day with Ant Group, tomorrow is September 1st, which is usually the day school starts, and everyone at Alibaba is known as “classmate”, tomorrow I will join Tetrate, and that’s kind of starting my new semester!

Ant/Alibaba and the Cloud Native Community

To date, Ant/Alibaba Group has had a profound impact on my career, especially its corporate culture and values, and the Alibaba recruiting philosophy of “finding like-minded people”, and isn’t the process of creating the Cloud Native Community also a process of finding like-minded people? Cloud Native Community is like a small society, I don’t want it to have much social value, but only want it to make a small but beautiful change to individuals, to enterprises and to society. I constantly think about myself as an individual and as an employee, especially as an initiator of the community. What is my mission as an individual, an employee, and especially as an initiator of a community? What role should I play in the company? Where is this community going? I’m fumbling along, but because of your support, it makes me stronger and more committed to the adoption and application of cloud native technology in China, outside of me I may have gone faster, but now with the community together we will go further!

24 June 2019, Shanghai, KubeCon China 2019
June 24, 2019, Shanghai, KubeCon China 2019

Joining Tetrate

Over the past two years, I’ve been working hard to promote Istio and Service Mesh technology, and with funding from Ant Group, I started the ServiceMesher Community to bring Service Mesh technology to China. Next I want to bring Chinese practice to the world.

As a Developer Advocate, the most important thing is not to stop learning, but to listen and take stock. Over the past two years, I’ve seen a lot of people show interest in Service Mesh, but not enough to understand the risks and lack of knowledge about the new technology. I’m excited to join this Service Mesh-focused startup Tetrate, a global telecommuting startup with products built around open source Istio, [Envoy](https:/ / and Apache SkyWalking, it aims to make it to be the cloud native network infrastructure. Here are several maintainers of these open source projects, such as Sheng Wu, Zack Butcher, Lizan Zhou, etc., and I believe that working with them can help you understand and apply Service Mesh quickly and effectively across cloud native.


Earlier this year as I was preparing for the Cloud Native community, I set the course for the next three years - cloud native, open source and community. The road to pursue my dream is full of thorns, not only need courage and perseverance, but also need you to be my strong backing, I will overcome the thorns and move forward. Open source belongs to the world, to let the world understand us better, we must be more active into the world. I hope that China’s open source tomorrow will be better, I hope that Service Mesh technology will be better applied by the enterprises in China, I hope that cloud native can benefit the public, and I hope that we can all find our own mission.

We are hiring now, if you are interested with Tetrate, please send your resume to [email protected].

Last updated on Jul 12, 2024