Website Revamp Notice

The biggest update in nearly four years.

Recently, I spent over a month implementing the biggest revamp of this site in four years. The last major update was in 2020 . The key changes in this update include:

  • Content Reorganization: Books from the original cloud-native resource library have been moved to the Resources directory.
  • Visual Upgrade: The website theme and color scheme have been updated for a fresher and more modern look.
  • Search Optimization: The search functionality has been enhanced, offering richer and more intuitive results with significantly faster response times.
  • Mobile Adaptation: Comprehensive improvements have been made for better display and user experience on mobile devices.
  • Performance Enhancements: Website performance has been improved, resulting in faster load times.
  • Navigation Improvement: Page navigation and categorization have been optimized to help users quickly find the information they need.
  • Mermaid Support: Added support for displaying Mermaid diagrams, making it easier to present flowcharts and graphs.

Thank you for your continuous support and attention! I hope this revamp will provide you with a better user experience.