KubeCon China 2024 panel Preview: Istio and Modern API Gateways – Leading the Future of Service Mesh

Preview: KubeCon China 2024 panel discussing the latest advances in Istio and API gateways, sharing future trends in service mesh.

Join our upcoming panel at KubeCon China 2024 to delve into the latest advancements and integrations of Istio and API gateways. Moderated by Jimmy Song from Tetrate, the discussion features Jianpeng He (Tetrate), Jintao Zhang (Kong), Xunzhuo Liu (Tencent), and Jiaqi Zhang (Alibaba Cloud). The forum will cover recent Istio developments, such as ambient mode, zero-trust architecture, and eBPF applications, as well as the evolving role of the Envoy gateway. Participants will gain insights into how API gateways and service meshes combine to create more dynamic, efficient, and secure cloud-native environments.

Forum Information

  • Time: August 21, 2024, 4:25 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Location: Hong Kong Kerry Hotel Level 1 | Hung Hom Room 1

For more details, visit Sched. We look forward to seeing you at our panel.

About KubeCon China 2024

KubeCon China 2024 will take place in Hong Kong from August 21-23, featuring 145 sessions, including 20 maintainer track sessions. This marks the first KubeCon China outside of Shanghai and the first collaboration with AI_dev: Open Source GenAI & ML Summit. The AI_dev forum is designed for developers to explore complex topics in open-source generative AI and machine learning. This event aims to drive innovation and development in open-source AI, offering hands-on sessions and deep technical discussions.

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