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Online practical software engineering education platform.

  • June 19, 2018

If there is a visual learning model and platform that provides infrastructure clusters for your operation, would you pay for it?

Two months ago, I met Jord in Kubernetes's Slack channel, and later saw the link of MagicSandbox.io he (and possibly others) sent in the Facebook group of Taiwan Kubernetes User Group, and I clicked to apply for a trial Then, I received an email from Jord later, and he told me that he wanted to build a Kubernetes learning platform. That's where the whole thing started, and then we had a couple of Zoom video chats for a long time.

About MagicSandbox

MagicSandbox is a startup company. Jord (Dutch) is also a serial entrepreneur. He has studied at Sichuan University in China for 4 years since he was 19, and then returned to Germany. He worked as a PM at Boston Consulting Group and now works at Entrepreneur. First (Europe's top venture capital / enterprise incubator) is also located in Berlin, Germany. He met Mislav (Croatian). Mislav is a full-stack engineer and has several entrepreneurial experiences. They have similar odors, and they hit it off. Decided to be committed to the Internet education industry and create a world-class software engineer education platform. They want to start with Kubernetes, first provide Internet-based Kubernetes theory and practice teaching, and then expand the topic to ElasticSearch, GraphQL, and so on. topic.

Jord founded MagicSandbox in his home, and I became the face of MagicSandbox in China.

Now we are going to release the MagicSandbox Alpha version. This version is an immature version and is provided for everyone to try for free. Positive feedback is also welcome.

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