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  • ServiceMesher Website Is No Longer Maintained, the Original Blog Has Been Migrated to the Cloud Native Community

ServiceMesher website is no longer maintained, plan to archive the website code, the blog has been migrated to Cloud Native Community, please submit the new blog to Cloud Native Community.

  • February 13, 2021

The ServiceMesher website has lost connection with the webhook program on the web publishing server because the GitHub where the code is hosted has has been “lost” and the hosting server is temporarily unable to log in, so the site cannot be updated. Today I spent a day migrating all the blogs on ServiceMesher to the Cloud Native Community website cloudnative.to , and as of today, there are 354 blogs on the Cloud Native Community.

ServiceMesher blogs

Now we plan to archive ServiceMesher official GitHub (all pages under the servicemesher.com domain) We are no longer accepting new PRs, so please submit them directly to the Cloud Native Community . Thank you all!

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