Jimmy Song(宋净超) is a Developer Advocate at Ant Financial(蚂蚁金服) and CNCF Ambassador. He has organized a few Special Interest Groups in China for years that covering Kubernetes, Cloud Native and Service Mesh, and is the co-founder of the ServiceMesher Community(服务网格社区). Watch his schedule. He has been blogging and coding for years on Cloud Native, also translated Cloud Native Go & Python & Java books into Chinese. Jimmy lives in Beijing and spends his free time on photographing and traveling. Watch his amazing videos shot with drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro on bilibili and pictures on 图虫.


Jimmy Song’s Cloud Native Book Series

我的云原生系列书籍,点击图片可以查看大图,点击导航栏上的 BOOKS 链接了解详情。

Cloud Native Quick Start

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Setting up a distributed Kubernetes cluster along with Istio service mesh locally with Vagrant and VirtualBox for PoC or Demo use cases.

使用Vagrant和VirtualBox在本地一键搭建分布式Kubernetes集群和Istio Service Mesh

Kubernetes Handbook - Kubernetes 中文指南/云原生应用架构实践手册

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Istio Handbook - Istio服务网格实践指南

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Understanding How Envoy Sidecar Intercept and Route Traffic in Istio Service Mesh

This article uses Istio’s official bookinfo example to explain how Envoy performs routing forwarding after the traffic entering the Pod and forwarded to Envoy sidecar by iptables, detailing the inbound and outbound processing. For a detailed analysis of traffic interception, see Understanding Envoy Sidecar Proxy Injection and Traffic Interception in Istio Service Mesh . NOTE: This blog is mostly translated with Google Translate, you can forward to read the original [Read More]