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Future Architecture: From Service to Cloud Native, by Zhang Liang, Wu Sheng, Ao Xiaojian, Song Jingchao, Electronic Industry Press, First Edition, April 2019


    April 1, 2019





The first author of this book is Zhang Liang, now working at JD Finance. In order to enrich the content of the book, Zhang Liang asked my friends Wu Sheng, Ao Xiaojian, and me to co-author this grand proposition “The Future “Architecture”, the reason for the book he introduced is quoted below.

Reason for writing

Being in the Internet industry, we have always been at the forefront of change and have been baptized by the world's tide. We keep chasing this wave of technology trends, and we will not fall behind the times. Especially in recent years, the Internet architecture has continuously evolved, undergoing a process from a centralized architecture to a distributed architecture to a cloud-native architecture. Cloud native has gradually become the protagonist of this era because it can solve the problems of slow upgrade of traditional applications, bloated architecture, and inability to quickly iterate.

In this wave of change, I watch it change the navigation direction of the Internet architecture, and bring new ideas and development to more and more companies and individuals. I have also used the road I have accumulated and accumulated over the years. Experience, and settled horizons to learn it, read it, and integrate it into my network of knowledge systems, to update the map of the brain that is constantly exploring and full of compass significance.

In 2017 and 2018, I went forward and backward with these changes, making Elastic-Job and Sharding-Sphere become recognized projects in the industry, making the open source projects I am responsible for international, and I have met more mentors and friends … This kind of experience and development touched me to start writing down the beads of what I heard, what I saw, what I knew and what I felt, and formed this book in series: “Future Architecture-From Service to Cloud Native”.

This book contains the distributed, service-oriented, service grid, container, orchestration management, cloud native, cloud database you want to know …

This book contains both my years of thoughtful insights and long-standing experience, as well as my struggle to give up and pick up, because I need to make the content of the book accountable to the reader …

This book is more exciting chapters of these Senior coffee narrative: Apache incubator project SkyWalking founder & APM expert Wu Sheng, CNCF Ambassador & cloud native preacher Jimmy Song , Servicemesher community, co-founder & ServiceMesh preacher Sky Ao ……

table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Cloud Native
  • Chapter 2 Telecommunications
  • Chapter 3 Configuration
  • Chapter 4 Service Governance
  • Chapter 5 Observing Distributed Services
  • Chapter 6 Intrusive Service Governance Solutions
  • Chapter 7 Kubernetes, the cornerstone of cloud native ecology
  • Chapter 8 Cross-Language Service Governance Solution Service Mesh
  • Chapter 9 Cloud Native Data Architecture
  • Chapter 10. Distributed Database Middleware Ecosystem ShardingSphere

Suspense wings

The cover of the book is the background image of the Manchester United Holy Trinity statue standing in front of the Old Trafford Stadium selected by Teacher Zhang Liang.

On February 6, 1958, after Manchester United participated in the Champions League in Yugoslavia to obtain the semi-finals, they encountered a Munich air crash on the way back, and the Manchester United team disappeared into the night sky instantly. For Manchester United's revival, the surviving Manchester United coach Matt Busby put up with grief and rebuilt Manchester United with blood, tears and sweat. On May 29, 1968, a full 10 years after the Munich air crash, Busby led his new team to finally win the UEFA Champions League, comforting those dead souls! This Holy Trinity statue becomes an eternal memorial!

Faith, never giving up, perseverance, creating miracles, rebirth from fire … is the strength I feel from this sculpture. Everyone will experience the peaks and valleys in their lives. I have seen mountains and deserts. I also hope that this book will not only bring you knowledge of the dry goods of the Internet architecture, but also my blessings to everyone: I hope that in this 100,000 Long March You, who are working tirelessly on the road, can have your own beliefs and hopes. Even if you have to go through countless deserts and oceans, you will be able to see the flowers after thousands of sails!

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