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  • Hugo Handbook is released

A manual for static website building, and a personal blog Gitbook using Hugo.

  • October 16, 2017

Many people asked me how jimmysong.io made this website. I think it is necessary to write a book to popularize the knowledge of static website construction and Hugo as a tool.

This manual will guide you how to use Hugo to build a static website for personal blog or project display.

Teach you how to build a static website from scratch. This does not require much programming and development experience and time investment, and basically does not require much cost (except for personalized domain names). You can quickly build and Launch a website.

Github address: https://github.com/rootsongjc/hugo-handbook Gitbook access address: https://jimmysong.io/hugo-handbook The content of this book will continue to improve over time and as my site improves, so stay tuned.

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