Istio Column

Welcome to the Istio Column, your comprehensive resource for all things related to the Istio service mesh. I cover a wide range of topics from introductory to advanced usage, including service discovery, load balancing, traffic management, policy enforcement, and observability. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you will find valuable content here.

How to Use GraphQL to Query Observability Data from SkyWalking with Postman

This article explains how to use GraphQL to query observability data from SkyWalking with Postman. It first introduces GraphQL and SkyWalking, then explains how to set up Postman to send GraphQL queries, and finally provides some example GraphQL queries that can be used to query observability data from SkyWalking.

Istio 1.18 Released, Now with Ambient Mode Available

This article introduces Istio 1.18, the latest release of the service mesh platform. It highlights the new features and improvements, such as ambient mode, which allows Istio to run on any Kubernetes cluster without requiring a dedicated control plane. It also explains how to get started with Istio 1.18 using Tetrate’s distribution and support.